Mare di Dirac project is based on the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics applied to field recording. Electro-acoustic resonances of traditional instruments are used as sound sources in order to create a bridge between spiritualism and science.

After the first release in 2011 under Toxic Industries records (Italian label), the project went to Budapest to do some live performances, one of which was a sound installation in a cave (Esztergom) recording the stone's resonances.

In 2013 Mare di dirac released "Vespertilionem" under the French label Le crepuscule du soir. This release was based on experimentation with ultrasounds generated by bats' colonies in Staffarda Abbey near Saluzzo (Italy).

After "Vespertilionem" the duo decided to collaborate with new artists, in order to obtain a more complex sound structure. 2013 is also the year when Daniele D. joins the project; he plays the marine trumpet and does impro electronics.
In 2014 Mauro Sambo (free jazz / minimal electronic sound artist from Venice) and Paolo Sanna (percussionist / waterphone player from Sardinia) also give their contribution to the new album "Tupilak".

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